Cook Out Pig Out

It has been a tradition for the 4 teachers mummy to meet up during holidays & that's the 1st thing we did once holidays start!!

Since its a cooking session for the kids, I was tasked to head it & assigned whoever to buy whatever!! how nice!! I was deciding how to decorate the children's' chef hat & the idea of their name & nice pictures of them would be nice!! So here it is... mummies wearing our child's hat & striking a pose.Here are the 4 kids.... Waiting for instructions & the signal to START!!
Dish # 1 - Fruit Jelly
Joyce bought all the fruits & the kids wasted no time to cut and fill up the jelly mould with fresh fruits... but felt so bad that there were not enough jelly liquid to fill up for all of them...
They were such good kids, no one really fuss or mind that they have less or little jelly...
Dish # 2 - Pizza
Angie bought most of the pizza ingredients & each were given a base & ingredients to cut & put whatever they like on the base.
Ezra was very creative & made a happy face pizza....

Dish # 3 - Banana Cupcake
The kids worked together & helped each other add ingredients and prepare the mix for the banana cupcake. They worked really well together.After that they started filling the cups with the batter, this took quite a bit of skills and time but they did such a beautiful job!!

The best part of this dish was decorating the cupcakes with icing & glitters!! They had a blast.
Oh while the kids were doing their dishes, they were like celebrities cos all the parents were busy snapping pictures of them!! 4 kids 4 cameras & 1 videocam!
The kids enjoying the fruit of their labour.

Besides the above dishes, we also had salad (thanks wolfie), mushroom soup & baked chicken thighs!! YUMMY to the max!!
We also celebrated Wolfie birthday.... Blessed belated birthday my friend.
It was a night packed with actions & activities!!

Ezra shares

Yesterday the sch had a visit to a leather upholstery factory. As a parting gift, each child was given a genuine leather tissue pouch. Ezra n a few of his friends were in my car on our journey back. One of them claimed that he don't have the pouch cos he dropped it along the way. Ezra, without prompting said "it's ok ..... You can have one. Here take it."

When I heard that my heart melts... I am so proud n pleased with him. Well done my son.

A teacher asked Ezra what happen to his pouch n on learning that, she gave him hers. Ezra was very happy to have another pouch back. I took that opportunity to teach him when we bless someone, very often we will be blessed in return as well.

三叔 came by church n he too asked ezra what happen to his pouch n why did he gave his away. Ezra said "cos my mummy car seat has a lot of leather already I don't need more!" the pure heart of young ones...

Sudden outburst n lesson learnt

After my shower, I went into Ezra's room to check on him. To my horror, he was laying face up on the bed n hanging his head down. I could see his whole face had turned red! Quickly I helped him up n told him in a very stern n straight face what he did was very dangerous. All the blood will travel to his head causing great pressure n if pressure gets too great it may burst n cause hemorrhage n one may die! Maybe due to my stern look, he burst out crying and hugging me sobbing n saying" mummy I don't want to die, don't want to go to the hospital bcos i will miss you."

He hugged me so tight n I can feel his fear. Guess I must have been to harsh on my tone m warning!

When I put him to bed this evening, his prayers was "dear God, pls help me not to do what I did just now so that I will not die."

Guess he really learnt his lesson n think before he does dangerous stunts!

Children's Day Fancy Dressed Party

Our school was having a theme party to celebrate children's day... Its Fancy Dressed Party.... I was deciding to dress Ezra up as cowboy (but need to get boots, hat etc) or pirate (but need to get hat, torn pants etc) or simply let him wear his pass me down sipderman suit? I was shopping in Spotlight & was inspired to dress Ezra up as a magician!! I got him his top hat and a magic wane and also some trick cards from Daiso..... Ezra was very excited and was practicing the trick card all evening!!

The day finally came... Ezra got up without much fuss and got dressed in super-speed!! He looks pretty cool & handsome!! hahaha...

The party was a crazy one... many of the children came dressed in different costumes!! All the efforts put in by parents... thank you...

The kids also had a wild time dressing up their teachers... who were very sporting and had a fashion parade down the runway!!

Holiday Happenings #1

Jac has been working very hard for many weekends and I was very glad that he does not have to go back this weekend... we decided to make a trip to the beach, ECP for cycling!!

Our 1st stop at ECP was MacDonald!! Ezra and daddy were happily munching on their favourite breakfast!Funny face Ezra!

Ezra has outgrown his current bike and we thought we might as well just rent one for him. Each of us chose our bikes and we are all ready to go go go!!!

A check with Jac, I realized the rental was for 1+1 hour!! Can Ezra last so long?

We ride on and only stopped occasionally for drinking water & water play!!

We encouraged Ezra with the final destination at Bedok Jetty where we can see many people fishing. Everytime Ezra complaint abt being tired, we will encouraged him with the jetty point and view and he will pressed on!! Father & son even had a race at some point to see who is faster!!

Finally we reached the jetty!! Ezra was very excited to see uncles fishing... we even saw a catch!! That was a bonus for us.Our ride back was more challenging as Ezra was more tired and I was complaining abt bum pain!! It was funny when Ezra finally spotted a bike shop & shouted "YES" but I told him this is not the shop, you could literally see his disappointed 任命 look!! But we encouraged each other & YES we made it back to the shop exactly after 2 hours!! I cant believe that we cycled for 2 hours. Well done son...

After our ride, we headed to Ikea for Ezra's favourite meatball... he finished 6 meatballs, 1 bun with loads of butter, some mushroom soup & 1 chicken drumlet. He must be very hungry and used much of his energy!!

It was a very happy and enjoyable day spent with my 2 darlings... love you both so much....

Teacher's Day Gift

I was trying to decide what to get for Ezra's teachers & we decided to make cup cakes!! At that point of time, I only know how to bake banana muffin and thought it will be boring for the teachers. So we went to the library and borrowed some books on cupcakes. I tried some of the recipes and decided on orange peel, peanut butter, apple cinnamon and banana walnut cupcakes!!

Next was shopping for the containers to hold the cupcakes... I found this nice plain box which Ezra get to write a short message for the teachers. On another side, he draw some pictures. I wrote a short message for the teachers and the last side is the teacher's name. It was quite a lot of boxes for Ezra to write, a total of 10 boxes!! But he did well. He was very sweet trying to decide what to draw for his teacher. For example, for Aunty Lai Kuan's box, he flipped through the drawing book, saw a puffer fish & wanted to draw that cos she caught a puffer fish one time on a holiday!! We baked and baked and baked!! 1st round and 2nd round on Monday. Ezra helped with the flour and adding some of the basic ingredients but this round, I did not allow him to put the mix into the cups....fearing that he will mess it up. Anyway, after all the cupcakes were baked, I had to make the buttercream and cheese cream to decorate the cupcakes. See our final results!! Very pretty and colourful!! Very happy with the result... the cupcake also very yummy!! Each box has 6 cupcakes it fits beautifully into the box. Thank teachers for influencing the impacting Godly values and love to Ezra....

Ezra's 1st dental visit

I was due to make my crown after the root canel n I thot it's abt time for ezra to visit the dentist. We have been prep talking him. So the appointment is made. I will do my crown which takes abt an hour n he will wait for me, seeing me on the chair. I planned to let him play on my iPhone. But when we got there, Dr Lim turned on the tv n he sat there watching cartoons quietly.

After I am done, it's his appt. Chris attended to him. Again they distracted him with Cars the movie.

They were very patient explaining to him abt the chair the tap the brush the tools etc!

Slowly Chris got him to open his mouth n got it checked.

He has 1 tiny decay between his 2 front teeth, one tiny decay on his upper n lower back teeth. Chris advised that nothing be done but better brushing n close monitoring. After the check, he did a good cleaning up for Ezra!

Throughout the check, ezra co-operated very well, opening his mouth etc. I was pleasantly surprised n very pleased with him. Well done my son!

Chris wanted to see him again in 3 mths. After getting his special spring toothbrush, Ezra happily walked out of the clinic! I asked if he will come back again for uncle chris to check.... His reply was "ya sure I like it!"

This is my online journal of things, events, happenings in my life. This will also be a online inheritance I leave for my dearest hubby Jacky & lovely son, Ezra.
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